If I Had More Time

Friday, August 18, 2017

From the beginning of civilization mankind always valued time as the precious gift and valued it. Few tribes even worship it. But we are always behind our time schedule. 

We can't manage it properly or efficiently and as a result we sometime feel that we did not got sufficient time to do our prescribed task. 

This is yet to be clarified whether we are in control of our time or time is controlling whole of the universe and multiverse. 

Sometimes we feel that we can control time and if managed properly we can do our work timely. But then some calamity happens which in turn prevent anyone winning from time. 

Are we really in control of some superior form of time? 

Most of the people who to some extent believe on the above statement and some may disagree. But it's not about being agree or disagree on some belief it is rather a point many of us had observe in their life time or some maybe seeing that in their present life. It is a point when you are about to complete or accomplish your target and you miss just by some point which you can get right if you had some more time. 

From time to time we hear the saying that if we had some more time I would have done that or achieved something more than what they have now.

Imagine a clock counting down from one hour to zero. When the clock hits zero, a bomb goes off. You have been sent in to defuse it.

At the beginning, you tell your boss, "Don't worry. An hour is plenty of time to defuse a bomb.
When the countdown hits five minutes and it still isn't defused, your boss tells you to hurry, because you're running out of time.

When the countdown hits zero and the bomb explodes, only then are you out of time.
In other words: "running out of time" implies that there is still a little bit of time left. Out of time means that there isn't.

Sometimes it's just human physiology and sometimes it's really something far from physical form. Time itself confuses us in many aspects and sometimes we are over exited for the time we have. A famous quotation explain the fact that "time and tide wait for no one". 

This title  time almost ran out is well experienced matter which every student had observed in their life.
Imagine the time when students are having board exam or any other competitive exam. They start by saying that they have a lot of time to study and complete the syllabus on time. But as time progresses they are unable to finish. In some of the cases we keep hearing that they could have achieved more than 90% but they ran out of time to achieve that height. 

There are several examples we had seen in our life that can CO relate to the topic. Even the one who read this far can relate to something that they might not have achieved because they ran out of time. 

But there are few things we can do if we want to achieve something in life without mentioning that we ran out of time.  

Let's take an example. If we look at the list of successful people around the globe who made their way ahead of time we can learn a few basics. At 17 Bill Gates started his professional career which a handful of people do at that age. 

So apart  for going with time like everybody does, try to go ahead of time. Though in some cases we might not go ahead, but surely we will not run out of time.
Is Time Stressing You Out?

Have you ever felt completely stressed and overwhelmed because you have so much to do? You know those days where your head is a jumble of confusion with so many thoughts flying around that you just don’t know where to start?!

Haven’t we all. 

Western society places so much emphasis on ‘getting things done’ and the incredible pace of technology has only increased our every day demands. We are expected to achieve more in less time! Tools like email and mobile phones create a never-ending stream of communication that requires an immediate response. Time has become a valued commodity that often results in feelings of stress and anxiety. 

If your answer is yes then these 5 things can help you out. 

1.Practice Prioritising - Each morning write a ‘To Do’ list and then prioritise each item based on how important it is to you, your family, your friends, your boss.

2. If you identify any items that aren’t that important at all – strike them off the list and don’t waste your time with them! (It’s OK to say no to unimportant things).

3.Be realistic with what you can achieve – and methodically work through your list in order of priority.

4. ALWAYS do your most important task first! Especially if it is the one you dread the most! Don’t fall into the trap of procrastinating as you may not get around to completing what’s important and this will leave you feeling stressed at the end of the day

5.FOCUS - Make a mental effort to ‘focus’ on every task. I usually say to myself ‘right now I’m going to focus’ before every task I do. Turn off email, turn your phone on silent (they can wait until you’ve finished your task!) and ask those around you not to disturb you.

These things can help you a lot in managing time so you don't have to keep saying that you don't have sufficient time..

As a human being we keep wasting time and when we realise it became late to rectify our mistake. 

It's just a human way of hiding in plain sight for  the mistakes they have done and blaming on the supernatural power. 

For every action we take there is a prescribed set of time which if utilized properly can help to attain a greater height. Lastly it is just an image we portray every time we loose.

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