What's Hidden in a Name

Sunday, July 16, 2017

She was my first real crush, I loved her from afar.
I thought our love was destined and written in the stars.
So I decided to impress her but I didn't have a clue.
I would try and win her heart with an act of daring do.

I scratched her name into my arm with a dirty safety pin.
When the blood ran out that's then the germs crept in.
Her name quickly scabbed over yet I wore it with pride.
The love though was soon tainted by the infection inside.

My mother called the doctor, I was seriously ill.
I had no idea that a love like this could kill.
A raging fever came upon me it forced me to my bed.
I had the craziest dreams and visions of her in my head.

My body no longer felt like my own, my limbs all really ached.
The butterflies in my stomach had been swallowed up by the snakes.
I was burning up with love's fever but shaking with the cold.
These drugs they are giving me don't seem​ to be taking hold.

The scabs on my arm filled with pus and are so inflamed.
But I embrace the agony that spells out my true love's name.
The doctor tells my mother, I won't make it through the night
She calls the local priest, he gives me the lasts rites.

He asks me about the name on my arm but I never kiss and tell.
Then he presses his finger on sins of my flesh and it hurts like hell.
The pain surges through like a Tsunami but I am to weak to scream.
I pass out from the shock wave and slip into another crazy dream.

The name carved in my arm starts festering rapidly turning black.
I find myself slipping down some dark tunnel trying to crawl my own way back.
Then she appeared out the darkness, she looked at my arm and asked me why.
I felt her scratch my wound with her sharp nails and hissed it's time to die.

I recoiled in terror and started to scream.
Trapped by my idea of love inside this deadly dream.
Her face looked all distorted with a cruel twisted smile.
She said welcome to hell come and stay for awhile.

Running from her down that tunnel screaming, trying desperately to find the light.
When I awoke I was told the fever had broken sometime in the night.
There was blood all over my bed sheets and my arm it felt so sore.
My Mother told me I had been scratching at it madly most of the night before.

I couldn't even touch it, it was causing so much pain.
My Mother smiled and said son you never know what is hidden in a name.
It took me days to get back to feeling normal, to be infection free.
That's when I saw her over at the bus stop and she waved at me.

But she was already with another boy she had played me for a fool.
From a really early age I had learnt the lesson that love it can be cruel.
I realised at that moment don't put your faith in love or what is written in the stars.
Love it can be the cruelest mistress, and I know this because I still bear the scars.

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