Not So Shitty Meet

Sunday, July 23, 2017

“I remember it hurt looking at her hurt!”

He finally saw her and She looked like a completely different person,head bowed down, slow walk, hair uncombed, no lipstick, no eyeliner……..He just knew by then that this would be difficult, as He  have never seen her like that ever.

Suddenly she looked up and their eyes meet,it was like a sudden thunder they both just stood at one place,so many things were about to be told but in that brief moment of silence they told everything to each other.

Then they got back to their senses by a car horn which was passing them nearby.

She was the 1st one to say ‘why you always lie,I mean all the time?’
He got shocked and replied ‘lie? no u asked where was i?

And i told “OUT OF HOSTEL” they said together.

There was a feeling of joy inside her,he can see that in her eyes,it was like that from the start he always knew when she is happy or sad even if she wont tell him. 
So he asked “so now can u take back what you said earlier? i’m not a liar”
She replied “yeah but only after you tell me that what made you come here from your hostel?”
Those words he was starstruck by them ‘he wanted to scream “it was for you cant you see that” ‘ but instead he said “IDK I thought you wont believed me,when I told that my phone battery was dead in the morning”
She knew he just made that up,it was like that with her, even if she wants someone desperately to be by her side she will not let her guards down, and on the other hand she was happy that the boy whom she is committed to actually bunked his collage and is there with her and is lying just so that she wont feel down or sympathetic.

She realized that she actually went out from home to go to her dancing class,one thing in the world she cant live without was dancing.
She said “you have stalked me to that extent that you know the exact timings of my dancing classes too?”
He smiled and said “ermmm……maybe”

She was delighted with the answer she actually started blushing she forgot about all the trouble which she was having. This time she was happy really happy she wanted to hug him and tell him thank you for coming and making everything normal again.

But she didn’t in fact she said “I am getting late for my class,would you be here when I come back?”
he again smiled and replied “here? at middle of nowhere at 8pm” he just burst into laughter.

she smiled but was angry too and said “yeah ass i know you know what time i get back too, stop smiling, stalking is not a good thing and by here i meant in the society not literally here”
He replied “yes my love sure can do” and seal it with a flying kiss.
She turned back and said “i know you will” and started walking away from him.
He stood there watching her,he didn’t knew why he does that,but he just don’t want to loose her,he wanted to watch her till he cant see her, sometimes foolishly he hoped for her to turn back just like what happens in the movies but his life is not a movie and it doesn’t happen.

So he turned and started heading home thinking about what all happened in last 20 min,he remembered how sad she was at first and by the end how happy she was……..”not so shitty meet he said to himself”.
A Not So Shitty Meet!!!
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  1. Hey Shadab,

    This short story of yourself is just amazing and I am sure you'll be inspiration of tons of peoples in coming future.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.



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