Love, A Dangerous Emotion

Friday, June 09, 2017

Love, A Dangerous Emotion
Love, A Dangerous Emotion
My mom says you shouldn't hate anyone. You should always love regardless of how that person 'is'. But I couldn't help it. Holding that gun to her face and she mirroring my actions felt so good! 
I smiled when the look of desperation flashed in her eyes.

'Almost like a deer in the headlights.' I laughed.

"Why? I love you." She says.

"I love you too. But at the same time I hate you more then anything." My emotionless eyes boor into her.

I've always hated her. Somewhere deep down I knew this would happen. I knew we would be the end of each other. Such a perfect.. Finish. She doesn't want to kill me. Oh, but I want to kill her. And if She killed me it would just make this even better. I smiled at her. I know she knows. She looks beautiful.. 

Her blond hair stick on her head in some places.

A perfect hole in the center of her pale face. A dark red liquid leaks out of it. I see a mixture of red, pink, and some strange clear liquid that mixes in with the blood. I stair in shock. Oh. God. I hate you.. I see small pieces of her skull scatter on the wall behind her. Dripping on the floor. Painting a gruesome picture to tell a story. Our story. Right love? A story of love, hate... Murder..Suicide. Such a fair ending. For me at least.

I never was fond of the fairy tale endings my self. 
So beautiful. I want to kiss her, but I know better. I pat her soft blond hair and pick up his gun. 
I look down at her with tear in my eyes.. 
Damn I haven't cried in 7 years. Ever sense She left me. 
I glared at her still figure. 
Well, what have I got to lose if I cry now? Right? My tears burn as the flow out of my under used tear sockets. 
"I hate you." I say. I smile through the tears and hold the gun to my right temple. Sobs come out of my mouth as I gasp and continue to say those three words over his dead body. 
Yes. She's dead. I did not kill her though. She killed herself. How could She!

"I hate you. I hate you so much." I whisper my black hair somewhat sticking to my face, using sweat, tears, and blood, as a adhesive. I manage a giggle before I pull the trigger and then.....


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