Friday, June 30, 2017

Heartbreak unveils the ultimate strength you have.

It is the time when you patience, your self-respect, your anger and your endurance is put to the ultimate test.

It is only when you finally deal with it and come out of it; you realize your true potential.

You learn the art of forgiveness.

They say forgiveness is the final form of love. You don’t forgive because you are weak; you forgive because you are strong enough to understand that people make mistakes. Those are mistakes which they will later realize and repent. But you forgive because you know you cannot change what happened, but by forgiving you can surely change your future.

You start appreciating everything that is going right in your life.

When you are going through heartbreak, you long for things that make you smile or feel good. That is when you find small joys of life. You realize how much you have been taking things for granted and you start enjoying everything in life that is on the right path. It can be something as simple as spending time with your best friend or taking out time to draw. As long as it makes you feel good, nothing else matters.

You now know what not to do.

Now that you have seen the bad side of a relationship, you know what not to do, what not to love and what not to fall for. You are in the right frame of mind to choose someone who will respect you for who you are, instead of bending you to their expectations.

It makes room for a better person to enter your life.

Not everything that ends is THE END. You will now have the liberty to choose who to trust and who to share your feelings with. The person who broke your heart didn’t deserve a spot in your life. Now you can be with the right ones for all the right reasons.

You burst with creativity.

What do you think made Taylor Swift the superstar she is now? If she hadn’t had her heart broken and wrote all those meaningful songs, she wouldn’t have been where she is now. The stuff you think about during heartbreak is simply inspiring. Put all the creativity and energy into something that you enjoy doing and witness the magic.

You become more empathic towards others.

The pain of separation is something universal. It is something that everyone goes through at some point of time in their life. When you go through it you relate to people around you and it kind of makes you a better person. Because you put yourself in their shoes you treat them as you would want them to treat you.

You’ll be grateful in future when love does stay.

When you have gone through the dark side of a relationship, you will appreciate the brighter side more than you ever did.

You will feel extremely grateful for the heartbreak you went through, when your love comes into your life and stays for good.

Remember, everything is life has a perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and a lot of faith but it’s worth the wait.

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